Sunday 3 January 2016

Attention, Aggression and Sex: Kidnappers and Killers - No, 1

Attention, Aggression and Sex:

Kidnappers and Killers’


Daniel King Vardis

Have you read the explosive page-turner crime thriller;

‘Attention, Aggression and Sex:Kidnappers and Killers'

by Daniel King Vardis.

This gripping fast paced blockbuster, debut crime novel by Daniel King Vardis is the thriller novel that the world has been waiting for!

Read this book today, if you liked any of the following books:
The Godfather books; The Day of the Jackal; The Great Gatsby; The James Bond books; The Hannibal Lecter series; Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy; The Dan Brown books; James Hadley Chase books.

Attention, Aggression and Sex - ‘Kidnappers and Killers’ is the unforgettable, exciting, swashbuckling, crime thriller blockbuster about Jack ‘Jazz’ Wisbow, the legendary genius ex-CIA billionaire playboy.

‘Jack Wisbow, the celebrity business tycoon, hedge fund owner, global security defence contractor, and the heir of the vast Carlton Kane Woods fortunes is one of Wall Street’s ‘Masters of the Universe.’ - News Syndicated.

In the past eight weeks, there had been several attempts to kill Jack ‘the Great Wisbow’; who was now living in fear of his life!

During this time, several of Jack’s friends and employees had been murdered, or kidnapped, or violently attacked, or had disappeared!

Assassins were out to murder Jack Wisbow and they included the recent kidnappers and psychopathic killers of some of his friends.

Eleven days ago in London, Jack’s friend, Jennifer Warner-Brown; the beautiful New York CIA heiress socialite, and the mother of his son, Jacob; was kidnapped at gunpoint, by masked gunmen in a fatal motorway ambush. During the kidnapping’s violent shootout three people were murdered, including Jennifer’s Witness Protection bodyguard.

An hour, after Jennifer was kidnapped the police spectacularly found Jennifer’s long-lost identical twin sister, Lucy Loyal-Martins, aka ‘Slinky Lucy’, living in London. Lucy looked exactly like Jennifer. The exact splitting image, and doppelganger of Jennifer. Lucy was a gangland club owner and high-class sex therapist.

Police DNA tests proved that Jennifer and Lucy were biologically identical long-lost twin sisters. The twins had been separated at birth and adopted by two families, who did not know that each of them, were twins.

Two days after Jennifer’s kidnapping. Jennifer’s newfound identical twin, Lucy, suddenly, disappeared too. Lucy has been missing ever since.

Since the kidnapping, Jennifer has not been found; despite a huge police manhunt; television and media appeals, and the unprecedented reward of half a million pounds, put forward by Jack.

Jack rightly suspected that the killers and kidnappers of his friends were working for his arch enemy, the elusive, powerful evil cocaine baron; Don Deadly Double A, aka Alfredo Alberto Pedro, who built the Amazonian city, Pedronia.

While searching, in London, for Don Deadly’s hired kidnappers and killers; Jack and his team of private investigators were sucked into the dangerous underworld of organised crime, violent gangland war, unsolved murders, missing persons, cocaine trafficking and police corruption.

Then, two of Jack’s private detectives, Portman and Freeman who were searching for Jennifer suddenly disappeared, and are missing too.

Yesterday, during a car chase and a furious gunfight; one of the identical twins was spotted by the cops with the kidnappers, before they escaped, on a speedboat and later into a waiting submarine!
The cops are not sure which of the identical twins was spotted. Was it Jennifer? Or her missing twin, Lucy?
Jack’s private detective, Kingpin was following a lead to find and speak to three hoodlums with the street names of ‘Attention’; ‘Aggression’ and ‘Sex’. ‘Attention’ and ‘Aggression’ were Lucy’s secret lovers.
No one, seemed to know who exactly ‘Attention’ and ‘Aggression’ were; other than Lucy’s daughter, Loretta Loyal-Martins aka ‘Sex’. But Loretta ‘Sex’, a singer and lawyer, refused to speak to anyone about what she knew, other than Jack!
Unknown to Jack; for the past seven years Loretta ‘Sex’ has been secretly sexually obsessed with him and was scheming to meet him and seduce him into a sexual relationship with herself!
But Jack was already in a blossoming relationship. He was falling in love again with his stunningly beautiful celebrity lover, his ex-wife, Ginny Drews, the famous Hollywood A-List actress superstar, popularly known as the, ‘Queen of Hollywood’.
This morning, Jack and Ginny are making out earnestly, and romancing each other intensely. They were spending exciting quality time, in Jack’s opulent six-star London hotel penthouse suite.
At the same time; across London, Jack’s friend, the UN drugs czar, Howard Roma-Shaw; was about to be assassinated by an expert contract killer, Guido ‘Shorty Bones’ on the orders of Don Deadly.

Guido was currently waiting with his high-tech sniper rifle in a residential building’s first floor apartment positioned to shoot at Howard, when Howard came out of the conference building opposite him, across the road later on, in the day.

Can Jack Wisbow or his men or the cops or anyone, stop Howard from being assassinated by Don Deadly's assassin, Guido?

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